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Laboratory Supplies

Latex Agglutination Kits

Staph aureus rapid latex test kit.
This kit identifies Staphyloccocus aureus by detecting both coagulase and protein C

Streptococcus Grouping Rapid latex test kit
This test uses latex particles that have been sensitized with high quality group specific anti sera. Cell wall antigens are tested by a panel of latex reagents. A positive reaction is denoted by strong latex agglutination. The negatives remain smooth thus ensuring confidence in the results. Features: rapid grouping of groups ABCDFG, enzymatic extraction of all groups, easy to read agglutination, minimal cross reaction of groups, high sensitivity to group D.

Salmonella rapid latex kit
Identifies salmonella spp including s. typhymurium, and S enteridus. This kit has very specificity and detects both motile and non motile bacteria.

Legionella rapid latex kits
Tests for L pneumophila sero groups 2-15 ns Legionella spp (L. micdadei, Lbozemanli, L. Dumoffii, L. longbeachae, L jordanis, L. gomanii, L anisa, L feelei. This kit provides answer within 2 mins directly from selective medium. The latexes are coated with immunoglobulins which have low cross reactivity. Kit includes 1 vial latex for L. pneumophila, 1 vial for Lpneumophila 2-15, and 1 vial for Legionella spp.

Campylobacter rapid latex kit
This kit detects Cjejuni, C jejuni sub species doyle, C coli. C. upsaliensis, C. lari, C. fetus.

E coli 0157 rapid latex kit.
This kit has been sensitized with E coli 0157 specific antibodies that are prepared by absorbtion with potentially cross reacting strains. As such this kit has demonstrated no cross reactivity with a panel of 161 E coli O serotypes and 56 H serotypes and shows strong specific agglutination

Sampling Bags for Indonesia

Whirl-Pak® sterile laboratory sampling bags are ideal for surface, forensics, genetics, biomedical, and pharmaceutical research sampling and well suited for the food, dairy, water, sewage, medical, veterinary, environmental, soil, and industrial markets.

Whirl-Pak® bags have been the professionals’ trusted sampling bag for over 50 years and offer puncture-proof tabs, guaranteed sterility, easy identification, and a leak-proof closure you can trust.

Whirl-Pak® sterile sampling bags are R-Nase, D-Nase, Pyrogen and BPH free and comply with the following regulatory and industrial requirements: US Enviromental Protection Agency, US Food and Drug Administration, US Department of Agriculture, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point


Petri Dish and Spreaders.

Arasains Indonesia provides standard petri dishes for your microbiological needs. They are made of polystyrene and are clear and transparent. These dishes are made and packed in clean room environments. Petri dishes that are gamma sterilized are available.

PCR Kit for Aquaculture

 Polymerase chain reaction is a process for identification of DNA fragments by multiplying a particular segment of the DNA in vitro. By identification of these chains the cells or in this case the bacteria from which these chains come from can be identifies. This kit is a conventional PCR kit and as such is an end point analysis method, where agarose gel electrophoresis is required for final determination. For Aquaculture the following kits are available:
-Edwardsiella tarda
-white spot syndrome
-Infectious hypodermal and haematopoietic necrosis virus
-monodon baculovirus
-yellow head virus
Aeromonas hydrophilla.

PCR Kit for Porcine

Arasains Indonesia supplies PCR kit for porcine detection for determination of halal status. This kit is a multiple porcine detection kit as it targets three mitochondrial DNA. The detection limit is 25ng and has high specificity. Because of the multiple detection capabilities, porcine meat that are highly processed can be detected like roast pork, canned pork, cooked meat and raw meat like sausages. The cooking process is less likely to destroy all three genes thus making this kit a level of sensitivity is unique.




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