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Static Mixers

Inline pipe mixers Statiflo model 100 -800

Statiflo Indonesia supplies in line pipe general purpose static mixers. These mixers are ideal for general mixing of two dissimilar liquids in a pipe eg addition of a vitamin into palm oil. These have a pipe jackets with the insides fitted with mixing elements which can be fixed or removable. Heating or cooling jackets are available as an option together with injectors for addition of liquid stream, sampling ports and wells for instrumentation. Special static mixers are available in hygienic execution with removable elements suitable for CIP systems in food and pharmaceutical industries. Connections can be specified as IDF, RJT, DIN and others. For corrosive application, executions in PVDF, Teflon or other plastics or in highly corrosion resistant steels like titanium, Inconel can be specified. Large diameters static mixers are designed with special injectors. Special in line static mixers developed specially for addition of coagulants into waste water which are non-clogging is available.

Open channel static mixers Statiflo model 900

Conventional static mixing have been carried out in closed pipe systems. Sometimes open channel mixing is more convenient like in water treatment plants. Complete mixing is possible with a very low CoV or coefficient of variation for low or high flow rates. Statiflo Channel Mixers can be installed in new treatment works or easily retrofitted into existing installations, even when flooded and live. The modular design concept, based on the STMC mixing elements, allows wide variations in aspect ratio (height/width) suitable for square or nearly square channel sections, narrow deep channels and wide shallow channels. Independent trials have established that the STMC concept is the most efficient of all known commercially available static mixers. Statiflo Indonesia series 900 open channel static mixers have found many applications in water treatment plant like coagulant dosing, lime addition, polyelectrolyte addition, ph adjustment.

 Gas dispersion system

Statiflo Indonesia presents a new concept of mixing gas with a liquid for simultaneous mixing and mass transfer. For mass transfer, the particle size has to be small. To shear gas bubbles in a normal pipe static mixer may involve a large amount of energy. In order to reduce energy a side stream is used where very high shear is applied resulting in very small bubble size. This side stream is then added to the main stream where normal shear is applied to maintain the bubble size and thus maximize mass transfer. Applications for drinking water plants are ozone dissolution, carbonation of mineral water.

 Gas static mixer

Statiflo Indonesia designs special mixers for gas flows. These mixers create maximum turbulence with low head loss ideal for mixing in the oil and gas industries. These mixers can be fabricated with materials that are corrosion resistant like Inconel titanium and pvc. The head loss and degree of mixing can be adjusted to suit your application. Gas static mixers can also be used for stabilizing flow for better contact with catalysts where consistent gas velocities is important. Here the linearization of flow velocities to create a laminar flow regime is important instead of highly turbulent flow regimes needed for mixing. Other applications are for mixing of regions of low and high concentrations of particulates to comply with emission standards. Gas static mixers are also important to make a homogeneous mixture for NOx reduction in catalytic gas reactors.


statiflo open channel static mixer




What is the advantage of using static mixers?


What is the disadvantage of using static mixers?


How much head do I need to allocate for the static mixer.


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