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Centrifugal Pumps

CombiMag magnetic drive centrifugal pump - Johnson pump

Centrifugal pumps are driven by a motor through a shaft which have to penetrate into the pump chamber. In order to keep the products inside, a seal is needed. This seal often wears off and the product leaks. This is problematic if the product leaked is poisonous or is flammable. Arasains Indonesia supplies the Johnson CombiMag, a centrifugal pump driven by a magnetic coupling. This makes the pump 100% leak free with a long life cycle and reduced maintenance cost. This pump uses the Johnson famous high efficiency impeller. It is suitable for slightly contaminated liquids without abrasive or magnetic particles. Maintenance is easy with back pull out principle. Magnets used are Samarium Cobalt high performance magnets. The containment can is made of Hastelloy for limited eddy current losses. Heating jackets can be supplied. Lubrication can be specified for oil or grease. Temperature monitoring with PT 100 are available. The pump impeller has liquid lubricated silicon carbide internal bearings with hardened wear plate.

Self priming centrifugal pump – Johnson CombiPrime

When pumps are located above the water level as in pumping from a river, there is a negative NPSH. To overcome this problem engineers install a foot valve to prevent the water column from draining away from the pump inlet. However sometimes the foot valve leaks and pumps cannot start. Arasains Indonesia supplies the Johnson Combiprime for negative suction heads, a truly self-priming pump. This pump has its own built in vacuum pump to remove air when starting the pump. This vacuum pump has a large air displacement capacity shortening start up time. This pump is suitable for low viscosity clean fluids, especially when self-priming is required. Self-priming is up to 8 m and max water temperature is 80°C. A sea water resistant version is available. Maximum capacity is 800m3/hr at 100m head.

Heavy duty Centrifugal pump for oil and gas – Johnson CombiPro.

This is a heavy duty pump designed for the oil and gas industry, refineries and general industries. It suitable for clean low viscosity and slightly contaminated liquids. The CombiPro is a center line mounted end suction overhung single stage process pump. The design specifications are to API 610 and seal chamber to API 682. The pump casing and cover has metal to metal fit with a fully confined controlled compression wound gasket. The pump comes with a fully integrated design, pump, motor, baseplate and accessories. The impeller is dynamically balanced with either a closed or half open impeller type. Flange are according to ISO 7005 PN50. /300lbs, ANSI B 16.5 or ISO 7005 PN20/150lbs ANSI B 16.5. ATEX certification is available. Bearing housing cooling is an option. A magnetic drive version according to API 685 can be made upon request. Maximum capacity is 350m3/hr at 35bar. The maximum liquid temperature is 350°C. Material of construction is cast iron, nodular cast iron, bronze, stainless steel, carbon steel and 13% Cr steel.

Sump pump for oil and gas - Johnson CombiSump.

This pump is designed for lifting fluids from below ground level or from a sump. It is suitable for clean fluids or slightly contaminated liquids such as effluent, cleaning products, chemicals and hydrocarbon. The design standard used is API 610/682 especially for the petroleum industries. A magnetically coupled version is available. The maximum depth is 10 m. The impeller used is closed impeller with back vanes providing balancing of axial loads. A half open impeller with wear plates can be available. The standard sealing is oil seals but mechanical seals or gland packing is available. A vapor tight rectangular or circular mounting plate or pressurized design is optional. Motors can be standard IEC or ATEX design. Maximum capacity is 1500m3/hr and pressure 35 bar. Maximum liquid temperature is 160 bar.

Pump for thermal oil - Johnson CombiTherm.

This pump is a heavy duty pump designed to API 610 for high temperature use. For thermal oil the maximum operation temperature is 350°C and for hot water it is 190°C. The CombiTherm keeps the hot fluid away from the seal and bearing areas and as such require no external heating or cooling when working within the given parameters. The throttle bush, journal bearing and seal placement reduce circulation and temperature along the pump length. This equipment is suitable for thermal oil, fuel tankers and fuel preheating, bitumen, injection molding, frying oils, calender rolls, high temperature circulation systems, distillation of fatty acids and glycerine. The construction is modular cast iron.

Single stage pump for negative suction head - model KGE

The Johnson model KGE single stage pump is a traditional self priming pump that has been designed for Johnson since the beginning. It has a radial (semi open or closed impeller, over hung mounted on a pedestal. For easy dismantling of the pump the inlets and outlet pipes should be installed with a spacer. The drive can be clockwise or anticlockwise. This pump can be used for rugged service to move water, oils, draining buildings during excavations, extraction of water in ships, waste water, and condensate extraction. The max capacity is 100m3/hr and pressure 8 bar. Maximum water temperature is 95°C.

Multistage centrifugal pumps - Johnson model MCH

Johnson multistage pumps include a series of pumps in vertical or horizontal execution. The pumps can be supplied self-priming. The material of construction of the body and impeller is cast iron or bronze. The maximum capacity is 100m3/hr at 35 bar head. The pump consist of an inlet and outlet casing and a number of stages in between. Each stage has a radial diffuser and a matching impeller. The flanges are built according to DIN 2535 ND40. Shaft seal is either by mechanical seals or gland packing

Plastic magnetically coupled pump - Johnson model MDR

For highly corrosive liquids and hazardous liquids the plastic magnetic drive pumps the gold standard. This seal less pump is virtually leak proof as there are no shaft seals. This pumps are used for caustic, sulphuric acid, developer, fixing bath, bleaching agent and other chemicals. Motors are standard motors. The casing and impeller can be made of polypropylene with glass fiber or PVDF with carbon fiber. The maximum capacity is 30m3/hr and head is 3 bar.


Ecopure magnetically driven centrifugal pump

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