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Polymix chemical preparation system

Water treatment plants require chemicals for maintaining the water pH and removing the suspended particles. These chemicals were prepared in large basins using manual labour producing dusts and often chemical shortages due to shortfall in production program. Polymix eliminates all these problems by automating this entire process. When polymer level is low the PLC programme automatically starts chemical preparation taking into consideration the time required. In polyelectrolyte preparation, good mixing and wetting is needed to ensure that the polymer properly dissolve in the preparation water, otherwise fish eyes will form. Polymix uses a patented wetting system to ensure no fish eyes are produced. There are two systems available, one a batch and another a continuous system. Powder loading into the chemical hopper is by means of vacuum suction system. Polymix success in the field of difficult to handle water treatment chemicals is due to the twin or multiple screw feeders sued. Multiple screw feeders ensure a large feeding throat thus reducing bridging of the chemicals. The twin screw feeding system eliminates chemicals sticking to the screw spindle due to their interlocking arrangement. All these improvements make Polymix a truly plug and play system.

Big bag handling system

For bulk chemicals a big bag handling system is available. These big bags come in 1 cubic meter in size and can be easily hauled onto the multiple screw feeding system by means of an electrical chain block. A small hopper ensures a lead time so as to allow for interchange of big bags. The hopper is equipped with a vibrator to remove bridging of the feed chemicals. The feeding is completed automated by means of a PLC.

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