PT Arasains, established in 2011, is the leading distributor on microbiology detection, water quality testing, and engineering products. As an associate of Arachem (M) Sdn Bhd, PT Arasains has three main divisions; Biotechnology Division, Process Division, and Engineering Division.

Our Biotechnology Division provide solutions related to hygiene monitoring, quality assurance, pathogen testing, and biochemistry equipment. Our products cover from the traditional golden standard method to approved rapid method. Some of our brands that we support are Biocontrol (Merck Millipore, Germany), R-biopharm (Germany), Romerlabs Pathogen (USA), Biolife (Italy), Nasco (USA), and YSI (USA).

Our Process Division specializes on water analysis in the environmental and industrial markets. Our testing systems include continuous monitoring (online analyzers) and also portable meters for water and wastewater labs. The brands we carry are Swan (Switzerland), Go System (Germany), YSI (USA), and Horiba (Japan).

Our Engineering Division is the leading provider of mixing and processing systems, fluid handling systems, agitators, aerators, separators, mixers that are widely used by chemical and food processing plants, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical. The brands we offer are Waukesha Cherry Burrel (USA), SPXFlow Lightning mixers (USA), Calgon Carbon (USA), Statiflo (UK) dan Indag (Germany).

PT Arasains prioritize in providing excellent service to the customers. Our products come with application support, training, and instrument service locally and within the region.

Our Mission : 

  • A Leader in providing the most advanced scientific technology in system and equipment
  • A Leader in providing strong "before and after" sales service
  • A Leader in providing sound technical support & training
  • A Leader who empowers the staffs with training & know-how